Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Court Street, Athens Ohio

If you have never been to Athens Ohio and want to get a good idea of what the culture is like take a stroll down Court Street. Court Street is home to many restaurants, shops, and other
buildings that range from banks all the way to hair and tanning salons.There is a large variety from food, to shopping, to memorabilia, and even simply sight seeing on Court. Simply walking down Court Street can improve your day significantly because of the friendly people and beautiful scenery! With it's wide range of storefronts there is literally nothing you can't find on Court Street. Court Street is also home to many businesses unique to Athens including Big Mammas Burritos, Goodfella's Pizza, and Burrito Buggy. In addition to all the great food establishments there are also some great shopping opportunities on Court Street including The Other Place, CVS Pharmacy, and Artifacts Gallery.

Court Street is an especially welcoming place if your hungry! You have the common fast food such as Wendy's, Chipotle, Subway and Quizzno's, but if you would like a more formal meal there is always restaurants like Stephen's or Casa Nueava that offer a more traditional restaurant experience. Yet these traditional restaurants are nothing compared to the
unique Athens food that you can find at the Burrito Buggy, Bagel Street Deli, or Goodfella's Pizza. If you're done eating, and would like a drink or some great live music feel free to visit one of the 20+ bars located on Court!

If the food isn't enough for you, there is always shopping to do! One place that is really unique to Athens is The Other Place, they have a wide variety of products from TOMS shoes to party dresses. There is also an assortment of affordable items that will leave you looking priceless! There are other clothing stores such as Artifacts and Figleaf, but for your basic shopping needs, there is always CVS. If you're simply visiting you can also stop into The College Bookstore for a wide variety of souvenirs and spirit wear. After all of that walking around you can always stop into one of the coffee or smoothie shops for a refreshing beverage! If you want an even longer break, there is always the Athens Athena Cinema that shows a wide range of popular as well as independent films.

So as you can see, there are various activities to do all over Court Street! Not only does it serve a purpose of unifying OU, but all of Athens as well. This fact is exemplified on Halloween when thousands of people gather together to the point where cell service isn't even available. On any given weekend you will find mass amounts of people gathering on Court Street in front of bars, restaurants, or simply to get together. There's always a festive and friendly feeling on Court Street to everyone who passes through and it significantly adds to the Athens landscape!

- Michael, Morgan, Kathy, Jeffrey

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